Epic Snowday Adventure

Epic Snowday is a virtual reality snowball fight adventure in which the player challenges increasingly difficult neighborhood children in a quest. As the story unfolds it becomes increasingly clear that the future of Christmas may be at stake...


Melody is a musical VR experience in which the user plays the African / Central American instrument: marimba, in different environments; merging creativity with the presence of VR simulation. A low latency audio engine allows for players to experience very little lag and jitter in their audio experience. We focused on creating a simulation instrument that is both expressive and realistic.
Like with the physical instrument, players can play with a combination of soft and hard mallets and currently the experiences supports play with up to 4 mallets (two per hand). There are also other features common to a musical workstation including a metronome, 4 track recording / playback, velocity and resonance sensitivity in the keys.
There are currently 3 levels to choose from. The Enchanted Forest is a fanciful forest scene where musical play generates excitement in the wildlife and the trees. The Practice Room is a true-to-life music room that serves a great sterile environment where one can focus and hone their skills. Lastly, The Tron Room is a futuristic environment that makes for a dynamic performance arena. Play it now!

Remain Silent: a cop's quest

Remain Silent is a game that follows the narrative of a fictional police officer. The player assumes the role of a police officer that works to appease the concerns of citizens, help conduct interrogations, and keep the streets free of "thugs" and illegal resources. During gameplay we hope to incite discussion about the role that police play in society, how the system has lead towards an increasingly dangerous disadvantage for the at-risk and underprivileged. Play it now!


A Verge of Brilliance Original! Mebols are hardworking spherical creatures that do chores all day and retire home after a long day of work. Over the course of the day they have to avoid various obstacles, enemies, and accidentally stumbling into the homes of strangers. Being the clumsy creatures that they are, they rely on the good will of Big Blobs (the player) to help them get where they need to go. Big Blobs help mebols by tilting the world that mebols live in the direction that the mebols want to go, and make sure to have mebols avoid or altogether remove obstacles that would get in the way of the mebol or his objective. Mebols is a game that should be fun as a stand-alone single player experience, but things should get crazy when playing a multiplayer experience. Four player experience should be an altogether shout-fest of excitement, laughter, and teamwork.


An original Verge of Brilliance title! Firemans is a concept based on asymmetric multiplayer gameplay. Firemen run around in an arena-style area with dual-stick shooter platforming type controls, shooting up at the Fireboss and avoiding his attacks. They also have the ability to repair burning cities by standing still (making them vulnerable) while repairing/healing the cities or rebuilding them from scratch if they have let one be destroyed. Multiple players working together heals the cities faster however the firemen can be killed very easily with just one hit, while the fire truck comes around to allow firemen to respawn. If they can defeat the Fireboss before all the cities burn down then they will be victorious. Anywhere between 1 and 4 players can be on their team, controlled in the demo by using Xbox 360 controllers.

80’s Mania Wrestling

8MW is a totally radical pro wrestling business sim and collectible card game, set in pop culture's greatest decade! You are the owner of your own 80’s inspired wrestling federation! Hire talent and run wrestling shows filled with matches, mic spots, skits, championship matches and more! Each character is totally original while also inspired by the greatest decade in pop culture history! It’s pile-driving parody at its finest! Coding services provided by Verge of Brilliance. In collaboration with Checkmate Creative and Crucial App Concepts. Now available on both iOS and Android!

Escape from Clowntown

A beautifully designed art game that follows the story of the people of ClownTown (the “clumsies”). In this one button mobile platformer, the player dodges obstacles and collects quints in order to advance the plot of several characters, whose lives overlap in this highly metaphysical and surreal universe. The Verge of Brilliance team was delighted to provide our programming and level design services to this beautiful game design. In collaboration with SeagullFish Entertainment and Crucial App Concepts. Soon available on iOS and Android!

Project Gnodes

A new way of discovering games on mobile devices. Gnodes visually displays the games that are relevant to you in a way that makes it easy to discover new games that match up with your interests. Gnodes is a way to learn about the types of games you like and better understand how the games you appreciate relate to other games in various mobile markets. Sign up and get started discovering new games and content today! Design and implementation by Verge of Brilliance. In collaboration with Zarrel Inc.


Jigscript is a scripting plugin for Unity developers that enable users to update their Unity scripts in real time enabling the ultimate solution for rapid game development and game prototyping. For this project, we created an informative video ad to help explain the end product to potential customers. We provided storyboarding, animation, audio/ video recording and editing, and voice talent for this video project.