This game is broken… let’s fix it.


Remain Silent is a game that takes real life accounts of police brutality and undue escalation and put those stories in a fictional video game for people to play through from the perspective of the cop.  The idea here is to create a safe space for healthy dialog on the subject to occur and hopefully inspire dialog that leads to positive change in the form of systemic reform.  Our mission is to make a game that promotes thoughtful discussion on the issue of police brutality by presenting it as a real challenge for everyone involved.  I stress that this game is less about blame or painting a picture of cops being evil.  I try to show that in the current state of policing and the current public image of cops, we all lose (even though it’s clear that minorities do have a rougher time of it). We also seek to facilitate connections to initiatives that similarly seek to raise awareness, promote dialog and community between cops and communities, and ultimately end police brutality in America.  It’s our wish that we inspire change that makes policing safer for both cops and the communities they serve.

Trigger warnings:

It’s lighthearted where you wish it wasn’t.You’ll be sure to find passive and casual racism that reflect common daily interactions in America.  Guns are fired, people are tased, bullied, beaten, and incarcerated.

Conflict resolution is almost always heavy handed.  It’s unendingly apologetic, sympathetic, and lenient to a system that is desperately in need of reform.  No matter how many mishaps, things never change for the better.  There are no easy or better solutions to be had here.  This game is very uncomfortable to play.  Just as this topic is very uncomfortable to talk about.

That is the position of law enforcement in America and this game.

Director’s Note: No matter who you are, we sincerely hope that you are entertained.  We also hope that you are offended, outraged, and moved to action after playing our game.

There are a few different endings.  How many game-overs will I have to add before things start to change?  Let’s find out…

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